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Vault Wines builds trust and transparency between the producer and the final consumer, by controlling the wine production chain from the origin of grapes to the transformation into the bottle.



Chelti Winery and KTW Group exemplify the strive for excellence necessary to be part of Vault Wines ambition to bring the very best, fully authentic, premium wines to the market.

Vault Complex


Vault Complex embodies the futuristic vision where Winery can become a cultural, educational and community center in center of the of Kakheti, Georgia.



Vault Wines Reserve Launch Edition Box

Vault Wines Reserve Launch Edition Box is your unique opportunity to be the front-runner for a special memorabilia. Support our innovative initiative and get the very first exclusive batch we bottle in September 2019. In addition to 4 Launch Edition custom Vault Wines bottles from our assortment line, you will get our very special T-shirt, exclusive launch booklet and special newsletter access to get regular updates on company growth and new market business opportunities.



“Vault Wines pairs 8000 years of Georgian Wine-making tradition with technologies of tomorrow and rewards you with powerful experience of bold and rich flavors from one of Georgia’s warmest appellations, Kakhetian slope.”



Become Vault Ambassador

It is an exciting time to join the global community of Vault Wine Ambassadors. We are accelerating our momentum as one of the world’s first truly authentic and supreme wine franchise brands and looking for partnerships around the globe. We are looking for wineries that embody the same relentless strive for authenticity and determination for supreme quality. Vault Ambassador Program provides you an opportunity to take part in contributing to the expansion of Vault franchise and represent Vault wines across different continents.

Though Vault Ambassador Program we seek to eliminate geographical barriers between wineries and wine enthusiasts. We seek to create a diverse network of professionals who love wine and are open minded to the opportunities that Vault wine expansion brings.

Join Vault Ambassadors Project today and challenge the status quo. Be a part of our fast-paced and collaborative environment. This is the chance to make an impact, drive Vault Wine franchise forward and achieve incredible results and financial gain.